UAV Systems — MySky Technologies


Due to the capabilities of modern technical manufacturing, commercial and amateur remotely piloted vehicles have become ubiquitous.  This poses a threat vector previously unknown to public safety and security professionals. 

Drone to drone interdiction

The most cost effective methodology to address a low-cost commodity-type vehicle is with another low-cost vehicle.  Instead of expensive ground-based solutions which may not be suited to high density peacetime urban environments, My Sky Technologies addresses the airspace conflict where it happens.  With a continuum of terminal effects capabilities, and the My Sky Sensor Fusion technology, users regain confidence in the control of their airspace.



Intelligence and Surveillance were the earliest uses of airborne platforms, and remain two of the most valuable and desirable applications.  Military, public safety, and commercial enterprises all benefit from aerial information gathering, however in most cases this takes the form of raw information from sensors.  My Sky Technologies actively develops new data fusion methodologies, using the most cutting edge machine learning algorithms.

Long Loiter airborne intelligence

Utilizing a hybrid of airframe technologies, and of control technologies, a significant level of capability may be provided to a user with a minimum of operator training.  With simplified user interaction, a suite of optical and electromagnetic sensors can stay airborne over areas of interest feeding back both raw information and expertly synthesized intelligence.