Jobs — MySky Technologies

We are immediately hiring the best Engineers and Technologists that Adelaide has to offer.

Or relocate and make this great city even greater through your brilliance...

What we've got to offer:

  • The most exciting technology in town.
  • Growth and development potential through the roof.
  • Technical challenges so good you won't want to go home (but we'll kick you out at some stage)

What you've got to offer:

  • Passion for All of These (practical experience a bonus):
    • Drones,
    • real-time,
    • cutting edge,
    • control systems,
    • FPGA,
    • UAV,
    • RF,
    • VR,
    • Aerospace,
    • CUAV,
    • Electronic,
    • Big Data, 
    • Killer Drones (metaphorically),
    • Control Systems,
    • IoT, Comms,
    • Radar,
    • DSP,
    • Cyber
    • Matlab/Simulink,
    • GPU,
    • CUAV,
    • Unity,
    • Cognitive Analysis


  • Unlimited Enthusiasm
  • Awe inspiring technical competence
  • A "This isn't work, it's what I Love" mentality
  • Can-Do solutions to impossible problems (not joking, they're really, really, hard)