Ground-Based Surveillance — MySky Technologies

intelligent monitoring

Traditional CCTV systems have weaknesses that often lie unacknowledged in application.  One of the most critical of these is the number and level of training of operators.  Regardless of the number of cameras operating, without a sufficient number of operators what would otherwise be a surveillance and detection system becomes a video evidence gathering system.  Machine Learning detection systems given access to the same video information as the operators provides the capability to screen hundreds of cameras for targeted objects or behavior and raise an alert in near-real-time.

Leverage existing systems

The object detection and classification systems developed by My Sky Technologies can leverage existing CCTV or imaging systems, and provide well characterized object and feature detection capabilities.  Coupled with machine training capabilities, clients can grow their capabilities without having to grow their physical camera network.


Intelligent Gathering

Most commercial detection systems concentrate on a single technology, sometimes two technologies from disparate vendors.  In many cases these are systems from a military use-case "brought down" to solve a public safety or security concern.  These are often encumbered with the expense of military type systems, and in the case of surveillance RADAR raises compatibility and legal concerns with usage in an urban environment.  By using a selection of passive sensing systems together with intelligent multi-sensor fusion, objects of interest are located and tracked both more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Purpose built

The air surveillance system-of-systems incorporates the whole of My Sky Technology's efforts: Deep Neural Networks trained with our dataset generation technology, paired with multi-sensor fusion.  A network of these sensors may be placed around a facility to ensure that nothing is beyond your sight.